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On iOS and Android has reached domestic analogue Snapchat under the name O. Life

Online stores for iOS and Android has a new mobile app O. Life, in many respects duplicating functions Snapchat and ICQ. By circumstantial evidence, as pointed out by the Vc are involved in the development staff Mail.Ru Group.

O. Life allows you to take a picture or record a video using “masks”, stickers and filters, impose text or pictures, and then to publish a “story” or message friends. Like Snapchat, these messages will be deleted after 24 hours.

The service also makes available the possibility to use for photos styles from the app Vinci, which was launched Vkontakte in 2016. Later, his technology was integrated in ICQ.

App published in App Store on behalf of a private person Konstantin Rubtsov. According to information on Facebook and LinkedIn, people with the same name works in Mail.Ru Group.

As the application publisher in the Google Play Pavel L. is listed In the friends list in Facebook Rubtsova a person with a similar name — Paul Locker, which is also based on the information in the profile on LinkedIn, working in Mail.Ru Group.

Earlier Mail.Ru Group several times secretly run testing: in 2014, the Western market was released Pixit app, messenger for chatting with gifs. In 2016 the company launched a test app for meetings Jam, as well as Dating apps Vesna and meme generator “Lemon”, which, as Pixit, was published on behalf of the company Craigpark Limited.

In April 2017, on behalf of the same company in the App Store was published Panomatic app that is designed for the creation of “panoramas” in Instagram with the help of newly introduced functions of the gallery. Communication with advertising Yula Mail.Ru Group revealed in August 2016, just 11 months after launch and the beginning of public testing.

Download O. Life for iOS and Android on the site of the project.

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