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On Indiegogo raised money for smart gloves for smartphone BearTek II [video]

On my index, middle and ring fingers of my gloves are special contact area by touching your thumb which you can give various commands to the mobile device.

Blue Infusions Technologies through a system of collective financing Indiegogo raised funds for the organization of production BearTek gloves II for controlling the communicators. The second generation device allows you to remotely control not only the smartphone but also the action camera GoPro.

On my index, middle and ring fingers smart gloves are special contact area. Touching them thumb you can give various commands to the smartphone. Data is exchanged via wireless Bluetooth connection; power ensures Li-ion battery. In the second generation of gloves the developers promise uptime: original model can operate in standalone mode up to 80 hours.

With the help of gloves, you can control the media player, answer incoming calls, change the volume level. Advanced mobile app allows you to associate contact pads custom commands. Declared support for the iPhone and phones running Android. There is a feedback-based vibration.

For the release of BearTek II Blue Infusions Technologies expected to raise $40 000. At the time of this writing, it is accumulated of $50,000; before the end of the fundraising remains about a month. A set of gloves pre-order costs $99.

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