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Official user manual for iOS 9 is available for download

On September 16 of this year, Apple released an update iOS 9. Major changes in the interface design did not happen – the major changes are hidden inside the system. In OS development attended Apple’s Vice President of design Jonathan Ive, who determined the appearance of many popular Apple gadgets including MacBook laptops and monoblocks iMac.

And although the reviews of iOS 9 are different – some users are dissatisfied with the performance and stability of the platform – the new operating system is the most significant update in the history of the operating system Apple. To enable users to quickly understand the features of “nines”, which runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the company has prepared an official guide.

Publication “the iPhone user Guide for iOS 9.0” and “iPod touch user Guide for iOS 9.0” made in the form of ebooks for various mobile devices from Apple and are electronic brochures, numbering several hundred pages. They disclosed all the features of the new platform in the context of gadgets. The books are intended for beginning users of iPhone and iPod touch that will be able to find useful information.

In the past, Apple released guides in the form of electronic books — in particular, guidance on working with iOS 8, iOS 7 and iOS 6. Design books pleasing to the eye and well organized, making the search for relevant information on the operating system with great ease.

“All the necessary information about the iPhone is presented in a convenient format. Read iPhone, open all its amazing features and learn how to use them. Detailed guide Apple will let you use the features of the new iPhone to the maximum. The iPhone user guide is an integral part of any iPhone library”.

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The new guide describes in detail all the features of iOS 9 and is available to download for free.

Download the iPhone user Guide for iOS 9.0 [link]
Download the iPod touch user Guide for iOS 9.0 [link]

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