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Official: Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 worldwide because of a bomb threat

Samsung has announced the recall of about one million smartphones Galaxy Note 7 worldwide. The reason was an increased risk of explosion when charging the device. This is stated in the official statement.

Samsung has announced a global recall of smartphones at a special event on Friday. Previously, the company confirmed that it will suspend deliveries of Galaxy Note 7, as devices undergo additional verification tests.

Users have reported Samsung the manufacturer regarding 35 cases of spontaneous ignition of the Galaxy Note 7. According to the company, we are talking about the defects of the battery, which affected 0.1 percent. In the near future the company plans to replace already purchased the device to all users.

“The problem could be solved with a simple battery replacement, but we adopted a more convenient solution for our customers,” said Samsung. The review concerns only the new flagship smartphone of the company and will not affect the rest of the range of mobile devices.

On Thursday, rumors exploded battery new phablet Samsung shares lost 2%. According to reports, the batteries have a tendency to explode during charging. Increased risk of explosion when using a non-original cable or the power adapter.

The start of sales of Galaxy Note 7 in Russia, planned for 26 August, but on August 11 the company announced postponement of this date to September 16. Samsung said then that the start was postponed due to the fact that “the growth of demand for the new flagship around the world exceeded all expectations.”

Samsung introduced a smartphone Galaxy Note 7 of the presentation on 2 August 2016. U.S. sales of the device began August 16.

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