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“Office space” Apple will be named in honor of Steve jobs

The new Apple campus with circular architecture can be named in honor of company founder Steve jobs. This writes the Telegraph newspaper journalist Stephen fry. According to him, this hint recently made current Apple CEO Tim cook.

For the first time about “office space” Apple became known in June 2011. Then Apple CEO Steve jobs, speaking at the meeting of the city Council of Cupertino, California, has proposed to build a new campus for the company’s 12,000 employees. According to the creators of the iPhone and iPad, the office should look like a spaceship landed on Earth.

The Creator of “Apple” gadget stated that the building should be completely curved and resemble a flying saucer. According to plan jobs, to 80% of the campus will consist of landscaped areas with more than 6,000 trees, and Parking will be located under the main building. Jobs himself called it “the spaceship” not only because of its futuristic appearance, but also due to its impressive size.

The headquarters is considered the last project Steve jobs, who died in 2011. The founder of Apple would hardly liked the idea that Apple Campus 2 is constantly reminded of it. As told to Tim cook in the biographical book “the making of Steve jobs,” “He didn’t want us to ask, “what in our place did Steve?”. He procivil stagnant culture Disney after the death of Walt Disney and he was determined to do everything to stop that from happening with Apple.

Jobs was not a sentimental man, what can be said about Tim cook. Apple CEO recently admitted that he did not delete the phone number and other contact Steve jobs for several years after the death of the founder of Apple.

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Now the construction of Apple Campus 2 is in the active phase, scheduled for completion next year. In may there were rumors that an unscheduled change of contractor may affect the timing of construction of the building-plates.

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