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Oculus introduced a consumer version of the virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift and a controller Oculus Touch

A virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift will still be on store shelves. Facebook and Microsoft have joined forces and were able to turn the prototype points in a real device, suitable for use in the home. Oculus has officially unveiled the consumer version of the Oculus Rift, which should go on sale in the first quarter of 2016.

It’s hard to believe, but the first test version of the Oculus Rift was presented back in 2012. Innovative device actually begins to age, has not yet been born, and on this background it is necessary to urgently modify it, and release to the market. What are the reports that venture capitalists don’t believe in virtual reality and negative for the image of Oculus VR reviews on the cost of the device.

To distract the market from the rumors and tall tales, Oculus held a special conference, which showed the final version in time to make a lot of noise Oculus Rift. The gadget has undergone as a number of cosmetic improvements in design and has been improved in technical terms. A virtual reality helmet will receive two OLED display and built-in speaker that allows you to listen to surround sound. Change tracking the user’s head position in space will take on a separate compact sensor with a height of about 15 cm in the form of a cylinder, placed on a stand.

The developers of the serial version of the Oculus Rift paid particular attention to the ergonomics of wearable gadget. The owner of the device can use a virtual reality helmet with optical glasses, to remove now not needed. A comfortable fit will ensure the presence in places of contact with the face of the user elements, the coating which is made of soft fabric.

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During the presentation, the head of Oculus notified of a partnership agreement between his company and Microsoft. Such a step means the following: Oculus Rift will get native support in Windows 10 and streaming game video from Xbox. Supplied to the helmet of a virtual reality by default will include a wireless controller from the Xbox One and wireless adapter to connect the console to the based computer to Windows 10.

Not without its own presentation controller — two symmetrical handles with the analog sticks and multiple buttons. The device, called Oculus Touch, can boast of the feedback system and sensors to track the current position of the controller in space.

Manufacturer prepared to launch the updated website Oculus Home as a preview of the applications before you purchase them. To view the contents of the portal Oculus Home can be either through a standard browser, or using virtual reality helmet with navigation in 3D mode.

On the cost of the consumer version of the helmet specific information yet, according to rumors, the price will be around $500.

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