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NPD: AirPods took only 2% of the market of wireless headphones and not 26%

AirPods wireless headphones are known to have entered the sale with a delay of two months and the first batch was limited. After the novelty quickly sold out, headphones still not appeared on the Apple website. On the official website unchanged for several weeks, provided the coveted 6 weeks in the form of an indicative delivery time.

However, according to analysts NPD, the first delivery last month of 2016 AirPods allowed to take only 2% of the market in the segment of wireless headphones. In this leadership position, reportedly, continue to take Beats headphones, their market share is 25%. Second and third places on the market of wireless headphones and a Bose belongs to LG with a share of 10% and 8% respectively.

Earlier analytical Agency Slice Intelligence reported that immediately after AirPods their share in the market of wireless headphones was 26%, the share of the market-leading headphone Beats fell from 24.1% to 15.4%. In this case, is not considered, the number of products sold, and the proceeds from their sales.

It is also worth noting that in December, 75% of all sold in the Internet the headphone was a wireless model, which indicates the growing popularity of these devices. To the United States in June of wireless headphones could bypass sales wired so that in this country with the lack of 3.5 mm Jack in the smartphone not.

Analysts note that 85% of buyers AirPods men. And that small percentage of women that have bought these headphones in General were older men.

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