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Now on Google Maps it will be possible to visit other planets

Google Maps received an update that will allow users to visit the planets and satellites of the Solar system.

Cards based on the images taken by the probe “Cassini” over the 20 years of stay in space. Their treatment do artist Bjorn Jonsson, specializing in the creation of images of space objects.

The specialists of NASA and the European space Agency who worked on the project, handled almost half a million photographs and created a unified database, carefully recreating the appearance of planets and various objects placed on their surface. Users will also be able to obtain information about the origin of the names of celestial bodies, short descriptions and find out their exact coordinates.


Walk the surfaces of planets, like in “street View”, unfortunately, is impossible.

To view the application is available in 16 celestial bodies including the Moon, Mars, Pluto, Venus and the largest Saturn’s moon Titan.

This update is the next step for space page Google Street View: earlier in the app, there were images from the International space station.

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