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“Not that glitch fruit company”: “Euroset” trolls iPhone in the new ad for the Galaxy S6 [video]

Russian trading network “Euroset” has released a promotional video in which Petrolia Apple products. Insulting words addressed to the world’s most expensive brand, the retailer said by the mouth of the actress Oksana Akinshina, who recently promoted the trading network.

"Not that glitch fruit company": "Euroset" trolls iPhone in the new ad for the Galaxy S6

In the new clip the star of “Hipsters” and “Vysotsky” name the product “fruit company” “glitch”, which yields a new Samsung S6.

“This is the flagship, not what glitch fruit company. Really cool, ” says Akinshina. – He was as if from the future”.

Such passages retailer has made before: in advertising campaign at the backwardness of Apple products transparently hinted with quince. The plot of the movie, the main character came to the salon “Euroset” with a half-eaten piece of fruit, like an Apple, in his hands, and went – with a fashionable, allegedly, the Galaxy S4 mini smartphone. In the filming of an advertising campaign participated Maxim Vitorgan.

The new broadcast advertising Galaxy S6 edge in Russia will be held until may 30 of the largest Federal TV channels.

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