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Not only the keyboard — that still pisses me off in a new MacBook Pro

As unpleasant things buried prospects of a great computer.

I have a MacBook Pro 2017. I bought the computer almost three thousand dollars — and it sounds like a sufficient amount of to escape from the daily anxieties for his health. But the reality is more complicated.

The latest generation of MacBook Pro was excellent, but very sloppily done. Great, in fact, the laptop is just not something to praise — because that first come to mind are bright, irresponsible disadvantages. While Apple has acknowledged the problem with the keyboard and has extended the warranty on such failure to 4 years.

This will result in the company billions of dollars in losses, people have found out the hidden tricks. For example, with the keyboard and changed the battery (they are glued together), so now we can annually go to the App Store and reset itself cycles of the battery, referring to the problematic key.

But there are other defects for which no sweat will be gone. Tell what it is and why they are pissed off.

Rubbed aluminium

MacBook Pro, released starting in 2016, following in the footsteps of the famous PowerBook G4 “Titanium” 2001 edition. He was cool and revolutionary, has become much thinner than predecessors, and were surprised by a stylish titanium case and a screen with a narrow frame.

That’s just the device received a critical vulnerability — plastic hinges that broke and disabling the screen (in one loop was a loop that passes the data). This “loop” for the new MacBook Pro was the keyboard, but there is a remarkable similarity in the destinies of the two devices.

Titanium, used in the housing of the PowerBook G4, was quickly deprived of the beautiful cover and “reinstall” the ugly gaps. They were in the places the frequent contact of the hands with the body of the device and killed the appearance of the device. On the appearance of the defect was required about a year of active use.

MacBook Pro Spay in light Gray made from the same dough — it anodized aluminum somehow not stand up to active use. On the case are, if not causing, but is noticeable at all angles whitish “spots”. Classic light grey MacBook Pro this was not observed after ten years of daily use. Here the problem is revealed six months later.

This is not a fatal flaw. In the end, the laptop needs to work, not to keep in show. But it shows the deeper, more disturbing problem — the years spent on testing the new device, spent in vain. To ignore this is simply impossible.

And there is no guarantee these cosmetic damage is not covered. Will have to use a computer, topcase, which is shiny oily spots. Unpleasant, but instructive.

Strange buttons

And no, again it is not about the keyboard tie, which has already been discussed in detail. The issue is more specific and relates to only two arrow keys “up” and “down”. They apparently came up with a man who is not especially worrying is productive work, the editing of large texts or the use of tables.

As it was before

For those who didn’t notice — instead of full-sized buttons, Apple squeezed two arrows in place of the block and clamped them on the sides. They are tiny and separated so that it’s easier to press them simultaneously than separately. Earlier the configuration was freer. The new place is allowed to make a symmetrical and visually appealing topcase, but it is worth thinking about the convenience.

As it is now

To get used to new arrows impossible. They have to feel, to miss the mark and hit the Shift independently and move the mouse trackpad. The little things overshadow initially a positive experience. And very pissed off.

Unpredictable battery

The only reason where I really miss the MacBook Air is a great autonomy. Akin to the laptop, could I in terms up to 15 minutes to predict how many will work on the laptop.

There was no need to fear to close all the tabs and limit the work of “Notes” to get the coveted 8-10 hours. Had no fear to leave home, forgetting the adapter.

On paper, the MacBook Pro is also not forced to compromise — the older model calculations predicted Apple up to 10 hours of surfing the web. So, this is complete nonsense. If you happen to invest in 6 hours when unscrewed in a zero brightness, and two running applications, then you’re lucky. Even forced off the discrete graphics on the 15-inch model does not help the situation — battery dies fast-paced and unpredictable.

The first 10% it seems that the declared characteristics can even be justified, but then the laptop suddenly becomes weak. Can you blame people in the wrong use? Probably Yes, but with the same Air of such things did not have to wonder.

On a laptop you can rely on — and know that while you do your best, he will not fail you. MacBook Pro such arrangements trust worse, so the adapter in the backpack is no longer a choice, but a cruel necessity. Which, again, have for a long time to accept.

Sad insights

Worst of all in such hands, of course, to feel like a Guinea pig — buyers MacBook Pro 2016/2017 years just pay for bug fixes for future generations.

They pay with broken keyboards, performance issues, battery life and ease, then the MacBook regained Royal status.

And that would be the best scenario — it may happen that Apple is not enough thoroughness to fix most bugs. Computers have always been more delicate area than a mobile device — here it is possible to fail in one component, and to make up for in another.

But now over the fate of the MacBook hangs a real threat oflosing credibility from loyal users. A couple of failed generations and the prospect to settle down in Windows will not look so scary.

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