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Not agreed: Apple decided to create an electric car without the help of BMW

Apple has stopped talks with BMW about sharing the work on the electric car after the visit of top managers in the headquarters of the German manufacturer. This writes the news Agency Reuters referring to the informed source in the company.

In July, Apple CEO Tim cook, along with several top managers of the company have visited the BMW plant in Leipzig. To be precise, the management of the Cupertino giant has studied production line electric car i3. During the visit, the top managers of Apple was interested in the stages of mass-produced electric car. The Bavarian automaker has reportedly expressed willingness to license the Americans complete, but has let know that is not eager to become “just a supplier of components for Apple.

As a result, in Cupertino decided to build the car yourself. Although it is possible that the company will resume talks on the issue.

Apple interested in the first production electric car of BMW. i3 is a five-door auto hatchback, equipped with a motor power of 125 kW and can accelerate to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. the Machine is not cheap. The cost in the U.S. exceeds $ 40,000.

Of course, the interest of the leadership of Apple to a particular vehicle could be caused by some other reasons. But this is an electric car, and one of the most modern. It’s possible that Apple will return to negotiations and will develop the iCar in collaboration with BMW engineers, and the basis will take the i3 model.

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