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North Korea invented the iPhone again

North Korea has released a smartphone Jindallae 3, reminiscent of the iPhone design. The manufacturer of the gadget is a local company Myohyang IT Company.

It is reported that the device is clad in a glass case, and all elements, including design and operating system that was created on the territory of the DPRK. Although it is believed that the device helped to develop in China.

Technical characteristics of the device, named after a Korean flower, not given. It is alleged that North Korean engineers were inspired by the not iPhone, and the Chinese devices. Thus, according to the manufacturer, the manufactured device has a more powerful battery than the Apple smartphones, and also offers better security the operating system.

This is not the first case of copying Apple products in North Korea. In particular, in 2015, in Pyongyang started selling PC, which is very similar to the iMac. In addition, North Korea has created the operating system Red Star OS on the basis of Fedora Linux, which interface is virtually identical to the interface of Mac OS X.

In may, the North Korean Kulibin began to sell and market the tablet called iPad. A simple 8-inch device carries an on-Board processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of internal flash memory, memory card supported 16 GB. Weight is 250 grams, and the battery life is 6 hours.

The name of the North Korean tablet sounds like “Ryonghung iPad”, but the fact remains — it has a trademark belonging to Apple.

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