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Nonda company gives a lifetime warranty on their Lightning cable, reinforced with Kevlar fibers [video]

Many users are familiar with the problem of wear of the cables included with the iPhone and iPad. Brand cords with the Lightning interface has never been a particular strength and therefore regularly become the victims of misfortune. The developers of the accessory Kevlar ZUS Charging Cable – company nonda – solved this problem.

ZUS is positioned as eternal cable, which is impossible to break. Wire with connectors Lightning, micro-USB and USB-C is reinforced with Kevlar fibers. The accessory, reportedly, never twisted, not ground and not get confused. Damage it is impossible, and therefore the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty. The creators of the cable, undertake to replace it free of charge if damaged as a result of wear during normal use.

Connectors ZUS dressed in a durable plastic shell, and the braided cord with a special material that allows you to avoid tangling. As the creators of cable, testing has shown that it is superior in wear resistance other solutions: accessory stand 15 000 of flexion, whereas the Belkin cables and Anker — 10 000.

ZUS connectors fully protected from corrosion. Shrink tube on the connectors on both sides ensures reliable operation for many years. Cable length — 1.2 m.

Is a heavy-duty cable for pre-order $15 less than the standard Apple cord. One of the special features right-angle connector is preferable from the viewpoint of saving space. Deliveries of new items must begin in early July.

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