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Nokia calls to ban sales of the iPhone and iPad in USA

The international trade Commission, U.S. (USITC) has started consideration of the complaint by Nokia, according to which Apple violates the intellectual property rights of the manufacturer.

In the preliminary hearings, the Finnish company expect to achieve a ban on sales of the iPhone and iPad violate its patents. According to the USITC, at the moment they haven’t made concrete decisions regarding the complaint Nokia.

The intention of Nokia to sue Apple it became known in December 2016. A number of relevant claims have been sent to the European and American courts. The Finnish manufacturer said that Apple had rejected successive offers Nokia about licensing developments since 2011. We are talking about 32 patents relating to user interface, technology displays, antennas, chips, video encoding and software.

The experts studied the documents claim, is such a curious example: the Finns want to get money from Apple for Siri. The digital assistant is described at such a General level that the action can get almost any modern application that works with voice commands. The translator translates the natural language, and the analyzer analyzes. The patent was dated 2000.

Almost immediately after it became known to claim to claim to Apple, the company ceased the sale of products Withings, which Nokia acquired last spring. In particular, the “Apple” site is gone Cardio smart scales Body Scale, Smart Body Analyzer and blood pressure monitor Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor.

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