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No, the iPhone 8 will cost 100 000 rubles

Analysts agree that the iPhone 8 should impress potential buyers, not only design, but also price. It is believed that Apple’s new flagship will cost exorbitant money – from $1100 to $1400, which in the Russian reality will become 85 000 – 100 000 rubles. But how realistic are these forecasts? The authors of the podcast Two Guys and a Podcast believe that the estimates of the cost of the anniversary of the flagship analysts do not take into account a number of factors. In the past Apple has been able to add features and not change the price of a smartphone.

Look back at history

A 10-year history of iPhone there were a few models, which was radically different from its predecessors and it does not cost exorbitant money:

“iPhone 4 has got the best at that time, Retina screen, higher resolution main camera, front camera and the new glass case. The price of the smartphone remained at the level of iPhone 3GS, although the changes were really drastic”.

“iPhone 6 has brought, perhaps the most significant technological upgrade in the history of the product in the form of larger displays (iPhone 6 and 6 Plus). Of course, this is not the only change in the flagship 2014. iPhone 6 also got NFC for Apple Pay, improved camera, Touch ID the second generation, M8 Motion co-processor and optical image stabilization in the Plus models. The price is also not increased compared to the iPhone 5s. IPhone 6 Plus only became worth $100 more expensive.”

What affects the cost?

Apple well know, what is the price of iPhone: the elasticity of demand, market saturation, the number of users, ready to upgrade your phone after two – and three-year cycle, years of competition with Samsung, new features. To evaluate a new model of smartphone is much more expensive predecessors – it’s a risky move. Besides, it is very unusual for the company.

According to experts IHS, an OLED display is about the same as regular LCD. What remains? Components such as sensors, cameras, lasers will cost Apple a few dollars each. How the company manages to keep the price unchanged? The fact that over time, the cost of the old technology decreases. Thus, a company can implement new technology and to spend approximately this much.

The cost of the iPhone 7 is $224,80, but in retail the smartphone sells for $649 in the minimal configuration. In order for the Apple iPhone 8 sold for $1200-1400, the cost of the device should increase twice. But this does not happen, unless, of course, Apple will not produce components made of diamonds.

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