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Nintendo Labo — Hello childhood, we missed you

Nintendo always surprised gamers with unusual solutions and innovative approach, but Recently portable console Switch has become even more interesting.

The Japanese company has announced set of Nintendo Labo, which fans of the company came to a real delight. Project Labo has introduced 2 sets of a series of “Crazy hands”, which can be a new way to play Nintendo Switch.

From the first glance, the cardboard house or a piano, you need to construct yourself, do not look very high profile. However, in combination with the unique games they incite pleasant feelings which has always been associated with games and Nintendo devices.

Cardboard house, apparently, will turn into a puzzle: the player needs to pull the different gadgets to solve puzzles.

Piano, the developers will come up with reaction games and all applications for the development of musical hearing.

There are also simple to build, but very mobile robots (as they are seen in the promotional clip). Toys of this kind will appeal to children and cheer one an adult party.

Nintendo did not hesitate to use classic ideas for console games: a fishing rod, steering wheel and pedals we’ve seen for a long time.

In April, the project Labo Nintendo will release 2 sets.

The Kit Variety Kit ($70) includes:

• Two racing cars;
• fishing rod;
• the house;
• piano;
• set the rider;
• piano.

The second set of Robot Kit will cost $ 80.

With this set, the player can feel like a huge robot that sweeps away all that gets under a hand. The kit includes a mask and a backpack with a special mechanism for the management of “hands.” Wearing all this equipment, the user becomes a machine of destruction, terrifying all around.

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No one bothers to decorate superexpensive cardboard boxes regular crayons and markers, but Nintendo will also give the opportunity for $ 10 to buy a special set with colored tape themed stickers and stencil.

On the Labo website are the prices in the US only. About when the kits will get to Russia and how much they will cost is still unknown. Console Switch not included, it must be bought separately at a price of 20 000 rubles.

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