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Nintendo fell $6.5 billion, when investors found out who owns Pokemon Go

Shares of Nintendo showed record growth last week in connection with the release of Pokemon Go. Now, however, their value fell from 18%. The fact that investors know who is actually worth playing.

Securities of Japanese companies at the auctions in Tokyo on Monday, 25 July showed a record since 1990, the fall. The fall is due to the press release Nintendo, which says that the popularity of mobile games Pokemon Go will not lead to a significant increase in the revenue of the company.

Nintendo told investors that own only shares in the producer of Pokemon Go, and the assumed proceeds from the device, which Nintendo plans to release in the aid of fans have already taken into account in the reports of the company.

Call of duty is the result of cooperation between The Pokémon Company and Niantic Labs. Share Nintendo the first company is only 32%, and the second firm and it’s owned by Google. These facts sobered stockbrokers when Nintendo issued a statement: “the Ultimate effect of the success of the game will be very limited”.

After this statement the company’s shares on the Tokyo stock exchange fell by 18% and company lost in market capitalization from $6.4 billion.

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