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Nintendo accused of selling pirated copies of their own games

Nintendo constantly reminds the user that it is unacceptable to download the content from unofficial sources, calling it piracy. However, the company was recently convicted of selling pirated games at his own store.

Nintendo is suddenly in the center of the scandal. Avtoritetnyi video game expert Frank Cifaldi at GDC caught the company in the sale of pirated copies of games. Cifaldi compare contents of ROM-file of copies of Super Mario Bros, free downloaded on the Internet and bought the official Nintendo store. After analyzing the content, he came to the conclusion that both of these files were identical, but Nintendo offers its customers to buy the same pirated version that is freely available.

The publication Eurogamer has confirmed this fact. The resource has investigated, revealing the title .NES in the package with the game and sending it to the author of iNES emulator. According to him, the difference between the ROM-dump is minimal and due only way of removing the dump and the version of cartrigde. If the file .NES would not coincide with what is in pirated copies, it would be its own file Nintendo. It turned out that it was identical with pirated copies, and it confirms Cifaldi.

Nintendo statements Cifaldi did not comment, but to refute also. Probably now is the clarification of all circumstances.

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