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Nimbus Note – universal app for taking notes

So it was that originally on iOS there is no convenient app for all sorts of notes. Yes, you can just drop a thoughts and even make some kind of todo-list, but it will be quite crooked, and, most importantly, it is not in the spirit of the Apple ideology. Those who with such a scenario does not agree, a long time scanning the App Store in search of a good application to facilitate the task, introducing Nimbus Note.

Strictly speaking, the app not only for note taking is, perhaps, the tip of the iceberg. Here you can do the plus-minus all; a sort of multidomain.

First, you register a profile is important. In this case, stored all the information that can be viewed remotely from other devices – even those that work on Android and Windows Phone.

Then we could proceed, in fact, to the application itself. In a text editor (quite a tolerable, by the way) not only can you jot down a couple of lines, but also to attach, for example, video – you never know, suddenly you all love to visualize. If the video does not suit, you are allowed to attach a sound track, photo or even a drawing (graphic editor built into the app). Notes can be protogerovist and smash through folders – a wide scope for activity.

Importantly, Note easily and used as a todo list. You are writing the task (again, can be illustrated), prioritize, and deliver time – when you have to remind. If the task did – feel free to cross out from the list. Inspiring. The program includes a geographic context to which you can attach all the right things – if they had something to do with your location.

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In General, Note correctly called service for notes – the application is much broader. You could record anything from everyday tasks to lectures in a cafe and overheard conversations; all of this fits quite well into the framework of the program. Then provide drawings, photos and voice recordings.

Other important features – the web clipper. Can save any page on the Internet, then attach to someone in the message: look, they say. Built-in web clipper makes good copies from almost all browsers on all operating systems on it did a good job.

Only, in fact, the problem Note Evernote. The application already has a strong competitor, which program (ideologically, do not think bad) pretty much similar. However, this does not negate the right to exist – until the Note seems a worthy alternative.

App is not worth starting money, but for some features ask a subscription. [iPhone] [iPad]

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