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Nikkei: iPhone 8 will receive a curved OLED display in the style of Samsung Galaxy S7, but without extra features

The new Apple smartphone will feature a curved OLED display in the style of Samsung smartphones, reports Japanese publication Nikkei Asian Review. The radius of curvature of the glass, according to the resource, is less than that of the South Korean devices.

The next iPhone may be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7, so as to inherit the distinctive feature of the flagship competing manufacturer. In particular, according to a source, the iPhone 8 will receive a curved OLED display.

“The bend is smoother than the screen of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. This is partly due to difficulties in the production of glass panels, bent under the screen of the device. Although the curved display will offer the visible area in size of about 5.2 inches and will make your iPhone more elegant, it will not have any additional functions.”

Samsung first used a curved screen for a smartphone in 2014, releasing the Galaxy Note Edge, and then made it more streamlined in the Galaxy S6 a few months later. The next model, the Galaxy S8 will also have a curved display.

The iPhone 8 will use OLED display instead of LCD, which uses Apple since the first iPhone. Screen organic led provides better color reproduction and better energy efficiency compared to LCD. According to some, is Samsung needs to become a supplier of such screens for the iPhone 8.

Additional features of the curved display Galaxy S7

Sources indicate that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with 5.8-inch display, while the useful area will have a diagonal of about 5.2 inches. The remaining place will be touch buttons that replace the physical Home button. Like hell Samsung is going to implement in the upcoming Galaxy S8.

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