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“Night mode” in iOS 9.3 will receive a separate switch in the control

Last week Apple released a beta version of iOS 9.3, simultaneously describing in detail all the innovations and improvements that brings the next major release. One of the main innovations of the update mode is the Night Shift for fine tuning of color temperature of the displays of the iPhone and iPad depending on the time of day. As it became known, iOS 9.3 will be a separate switch for Night Shift control room.

Night Shift – the so-called “night mode” automatically adjusts the color of the display depending on the time of day. After sunset ON changes the color temperature, making it warmer, reducing eye strain. The function takes into account the user’s location through geolocation.

Another feature of Night Shift is to minimize the amount of blue color emitted from the screen of the mobile device, which, according to scientists, can cause different sleep disorders with the use of a gadget late at night.

Description page 9.3 iOS users have found a picture which shows the new switch Night Shift in the control room. Item management first debuted in iOS 7 and since then did not change significantly. In the new version Apple will add a button to activate and deactivate the “night mode”.

As you can see in the picture with the canadian version of the Apple website, tap the new button with the image of the lamp, open the menu with the two functions “switch to Night Shift” and “Turn on tomorrow”. Where will be located the switch on the iPhone, is still unknown – on the iPad the button placed in the upper right corner next to the brightness control of the screen.

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In addition to the Night Shift iOS update 9.3 will bring some changes in system apps. So, the Notes will be able to limit access to records important information by protecting them with a password or Touch ID and the Health app – new sections with information about the user’s activity. Among other innovations release worth noting the updated interface, Apple CarPlay, the ability to connect to iPhone a few the Apple Watch and use multiplayer mode on the iPad.

Read more about all the features of iOS 9.3 can be found here. All these features are free, you can already try in beta.

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