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Niantic has encouraged man, grown thin for 40 KG with Pokemon Go

A user with the nickname Treyyates on Reddit shared his story of weight loss. He said that to lose 40 pounds helped the game Pokemon Go.

The original story was published in December 2016. Then the man has lost almost 30 pounds in six months. Treyyates did not stop there. To date, he has lost 38.5 kilograms.

Treyyates writes that he began to lose weight because of the girls, and Pokemon Go was a great addition to motivation. He started playing every day and continued at this rate for several months.

“Making his way through the Texas summer heat, I sweated, I groaned, I climbed the slopes, but most important I walked. I tried to catch all of them, to raise the level. I went to hatch eggs, was spent on incubators, extending the desire to play the game further. And because of this I lost 29 kg from July to December”.

In addition, the man started running and going to the gym. Staff Niantic drew attention to the story and gave the man two sets of hours Pokemon Go Plus. They simplify the process of catching pokemon. The watch will vibrate when there is pokemon.

Source: GeneralHealthNews

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