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NHK: Apple is considering the purchase of business Toshiba chip

Apple is considering buying part of the business of manufacturing semiconductors and memory chips Toshiba, which is in crisis because of massive losses associated with her daughter Westinghouse Electric. On Friday, NHK reported. Details of the proposed transaction are not called.

According to the source, Apple could acquire from 20% to 30% of the shares established on April 1, the Toshiba Memory. From the point of view of the California giant, it will help him to provide a stable production base of semiconductors, which are widely used in its products, including the iPhone and iPad. The exact amount of the deal has not yet been determined.

There is the option where Apple will unite with Taiwan’s Foxconn to purchase the business. This would allow Toshiba to retain a controlling stake in Toshiba Memory and to avoid problems associated with possible leakage of technology.

According to the Nikkei, to participate in the transaction for the sale of Toshiba Memory is also claimed by South Korea’s SK Hynix and U.S. Broadcom and Western Digital. The latter, in conjunction with Toshiba operates a plant for the production of microchips in the Japanese city of Yokkaichi.

Toshiba recently published reports of financial activity. In the last nine months of last year, the net loss of the Japanese company were $4.6 billion and was caused primarily by impairment charges in a subsidiary of Westinghouse Electric, working in the field of nuclear energy. It was noted that because of the loss of “daughter” of equity Toshiba was negative, which threatens the company’s obstacles in obtaining new loans and withdrawal from the Tokyo stock exchange.

Earlier Reuters, citing Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun reported that Apple, Amazon and Google joined the struggle for the division of NAND flash memory Toshiba. Also among the potential buyers mentioned Western Digital, Micron Technology, SK Hynix.

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