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Next year, Russian officials forget about the iPhone

The members of the Council of the Federation next year will be able to purchase a mobile phone for budget money no more than 25 000 rubles, noted in the order of the chief of staff of the upper chamber on the rules for determining standard costs on ensuring the activities of the chamber and its annexes. For the chiefs of staff of the Federation Council and his deputies also determined the limits.

According to published data, each of the 170 members of the Federation Council will have the right to purchase on a budget one smartphone is not more expensive than 25 000 rubles, while the monthly costs for communication services shall not exceed 4592 rubles per month.

In addition, the head office of the Federation Council and his deputies will have the right to purchase a mobile device for no more than 15 000 rubles, and the monthly communications costs shall not exceed 4 000 rubles. Spending limit for Department heads is fixed at 5 000 and 1 000 respectively. Mobile Internet services, the parliamentarians will have to do no more than 2 000.

The document also noted that the cost of a tablet computer on which you can count Senator, should not exceed 90 000 rubles, the same amount could cost each of the two personal laptops. Fax should be official no more than 20,000 rubles, MFP – up to 25 000 rubles, but the “costs of information and communication technologies” and “the spending limit for the purchase of fixed assets” is fixed at 150 000 per MP.

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In addition, a member of the Federation Council can use the budget of one written by the device no more than 6 000. The Senator also relies one sharpener no more than 50 rubles, one escobonal at the same price, one stapler for 450 rubles, some scissors for 150 rubles and a single hole punch for 200 rubles. Once a quarter the Senator is allowed to spend 50 rubles for two pencils and $ 100 for the two handles.

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