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News about the development of Apple’s own power controller for the iPhone has brought down the shares of Dialog

Apple plans to release its own power controller for the iPhone and can start using it in 2019, reports Reuters. Thus, the main supplier of the control chip Dialog Semiconductor may lose orders of the California giant.

The sources claim that the American Corporation has set up software development centers power controllers in Europe and the United States, and has already allocated about 80 experts on this project. Such information includes an unnamed industry representatives.

The newspaper’s source indicates that Apple is currently actively luring leading specialists of the Dialog to the center in Munich.

Information about it has already brought down the share Dialog by 36%, to the lowest in the last seven months. Last year Apple secured more than 70% of its income.

In January it was reported that Dialog Semiconductor together with Energous has developed a chip DA4100 with the function of RF transmitter that can be used in the future iPhone 8. Chip market for wireless charging at a distance, which uses a technology called WattUp.

The Dialog representative declined to comment on the rumors about the development of Apple’s own power controllers.

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