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New year’s gift that will be remembered: Putin gave a diamond iPhone 6s for 300 000 rubles

When the iPhone fall into the hands of jewelers, from phones, they become, if not a work of art, a luxury item. Italian jewelers sent the President of Russia Vladimir Putin as a gift for the New year brilliant smartphone from Apple. Supremo Putin gold Diamante price 299 000 rubles decorated with 19 diamonds.

For the New year, a brand of luxury smartphones Caviar decorated with precious stones iPhone 6s, dedicated to the President of Russia. The first of 44 exclusive copies was sent to Putin personally.

“This is one of the most luxurious phones that we have created. We are delighted that he will be a very special gift for the New year for our customers. For us it is very symbolic – to deliver it to the office of President and to Express my gratitude and respect Vladimir Putin. This phone we are closing the year 2015. It’s a gift to be proud of”, – said the representatives of the brand.

Design Supremo Putin used Diamante design, which is used in the model Tre Volte is an advanced surround, photographically accurate bas-relief policy. The background for the composition of the ornament with the state emblem of Russia. The arms are represented on the unit 16 times, each miniature is encrusted with diamonds, with a diameter of half a millimeter. Three stone located in the Golden rim with the name of the President.

Limited edition Supremo Putin Diamante has 44 instance. The cost of the device is 300 000 rubles for the version with a storage capacity of 64 GB and 309 000 for a 128-Gigabyte modification.

In October of this year, Caviar has presented a collection of exclusive iPhone 6s, dated to the birthday of President Vladimir Putin. Smartphone “Ti Supremo Putin Gold Anniversario Edizione 63” is made of titanium and has an engraved “Putin Vladimir Vladimirovich”. On the cover of the smartphone, there is an emblem and a sign with the lines of the hymn.

Last year, Caviar has launched a Golden Apple-phones with portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But after a while, the devices were discontinued, as it became known that the Russian President does not approve the use of his image for commercial purposes.

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