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New Wi-Fi standard 802.11 ah “HaLow” will double the range of your wireless network

The idea of “smart home” continues to evolve. All the new companies present their innovative solutions, products, receive their funding through crowdfunding, began to mass-produced, major manufacturers one-by-one join the players in this market. And now the Wi-Fi Alliance adopted a new type of wireless connection that is designed specifically for devices “smart” home.

Wi-Fi HaLow is based on the IEEE 802.11 ah and involves the use of devices, United by the concept of the Internet of things and connected household devices, including HomeKit-compatible products. IEEE 802.11 ah features low power consumption that also allows you to use it to communicate in miniature products.

Certification of the first devices supporting Wi-Fi HaLow will be closer to 2018, but their sales will start much earlier. Wi-Fi HaLow will work in the form of unlicensed spectrum of 900 MHz. This will increase the theoretical coverage radius of up to 1 kilometer, but in practice will make it possible to double the range of the wireless network compared to the currently used standard 2.4 GHz. This system will be able to work more effectively in the presence of obstacles in the form of walls and other barriers.

Experts call Wi-Fi HaLow “response to Bluetooth 4.0”, which will be able to replace modules in the fitness trackers, surveillance cameras, sensors for smart homes and so on. The main disadvantage of a new type of connection is relatively low speed data transmission.

According to the organization, HaLow will make extensive use of existing Wi-Fi protocols that ensure a high level of interoperability and security. It is also noted that many new products, such as routers, will operate in the existing frequency bands 2.4 and 5 GHz.

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