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New VR-mode for maps in iOS 11 has caused excitement among the users in the network

25.06.2017 0 Comments

Apple working on virtual reality technology for iPhone and iPad. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the new features in Apple Maps, which caused a furor in social networks.

New VR-mode for maps in iOS 11 has caused excitement among the users in the network

The second beta version of iOS 11 users found a new version of study cards, allowing you to view objects in 360 degree mode. “”Easter egg” in the Apple Maps allows you to make virtual tour to different cities and locations around the world with a new range of sensations,” wrote one user on Twitter.

WOW There is an VR mode in Apple maps on iOS 11! It seems to use ARKit for positioning!

— Stijn (@StijnDV) 24 Jun 2017

The Flyover mode in Apple Maps works in a circular mode viewing. Manage the review by moving the iPhone or iPad in the space. “The virtual tour on the cards Apple is a great opportunity to visit various sites of cultural and historical value”, – write in social networks.

This is honestly one of the coolest features in iOS 11!

— Stijn (@StijnDV) 24 Jun 2017

To use the new option, just open the Maps app on iOS 11 beta 2 and download in search of one of the cities or objects for which the Flyover mode, such as Barcelona, Paris, Rome, new York, etc. After this will translate the display mode to 3D and press the button Flyover. After that you can move and rotate the mobile device in space to explore the landscape in virtual reality.

You can actually move around by walking! This is crazy cool!

— Stijn (@StijnDV) 24 Jun 2017

The function works using the new framework ARKit. Image in Apple Maps are monoscopic, and there is no information about whether Apple intends to make them stereoscopic. But all the evidence suggests that it is possible.

Informed sources have repeatedly reported about the plans of the Cupertino company to release its own “smart” glasses. It is alleged that Apple is working on a project with optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss. At the end of last year, said tehnobloge and former Microsoft Evangelist Robert Scoble with reference to the informed employee of the German company.

Holy batman Flyover Magic Window.

— Paul Haddad (@tapbot_paul) June 22, 2017

New VR-mode in Apple Maps works on the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, the 9.7-inch iPad and iPad Pro. One of the users testing the new OS, called it “the coolest iOS feature 11”.

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