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New video from the drone shows ready for opening Apple Park [video]

In the near future Apple employees will begin to move to a new campus in California, not very far from his current place of work. Giant 5-storey building with a circumference of 1600 meters is called Apple Park.

In September 2014, the land that once belonged to Hewlett-Packard company, was nothing more than an empty field. Today here is the building of the new headquarters of Apple in the form of a spaceship that is almost ready for opening.

New video shot with drone Duncan Sepelcom demonstrates the sprawling Apple campus with an area of 260 000 sq. m. in the final stages of construction. Although at first glance it looks completely finished, with carefully examination, it is seen that the work continues on-site work, including in the area of theatre of a name of Steve jobs – the new underground conference hall for 1000 seats.

About the interiors of the new office Apple, little is known. Except that all the furniture is made by Dutch company Arco on special order. The Armada-based furniture will be oak tables with a length of 5.5 and a width of 1.2 meters. A weight of 300 pounds.

But for the city and the Apple exterior is no less important than the interior. And outside everything is very green, because 80% of the territory should plant trees, shrubs and grass. The company plans to plant 7,000 trees. Inside of the “plates” will be a lot of fruit trees including Apple and plum. Giant orchard.

Another interesting decision of architects to make the building as “breathable”, that is, to provide natural ventilation, to avoid wasting energy on air conditioning. It was relatively easy, given the fact that this winter in California does not happen. Almost all the available surface on the roofs of buildings on campus is covered with solar panels.

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Apple employees are expected any day now will start moving to Apple Park, despite the fact that it is not part of the buildings still being completed. The process of moving all 12 000 employees and will last until the end of the year, and the entire campus will be ready in 2018.

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