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New tweak VintageSwitcher return of the classic multitasking bar in iOS 9

All ingenious is simple. This hackneyed truth confirms new tweak in Cydia, which returns to mobile devices with the new OS classic multitasking bar Apple.

Apple’s chief designer Jonathan Ive, responsible for developing the operating system, rethought the iOS multitasking interface so that it become more clear. When you call app-switcher shows the screen with the latest running applications in the form of “live” cards. The latter occupy a large part of the screen and horizontal scrolling support.

The developer under the nickname TweakWiz decided that some people have nostalgia for the old multitasking with four icons in a row. For these users was developed by tweak VintageSwitcher.

VintageSwitcher returns in 9 previous iOS multitasking bar in iOS 6 style. The tweak allows you to switch between running applications and close unnecessary tasks.

In this case, the developer has added support for Activator to open the panel and multitasking gesture to quickly close all apps (short hold any of the icons).

In the settings of the tweak can be enabled matte effect for home screen icons when you call multitasking and configure the number of icons in the multitasking drawer. You can also change the speed of the animation that accompanies the panel output to the screen.

VintageSwitcher compatible with iPhone and iPad running operating system iOS 9 and iOS 8. The tweak can be downloaded for free.

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