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New tweak leaves on “power saving Mode” even after a full charge

In iOS 9 Apple developers have implemented a number of features aimed at optimizing the mobile platform. The company reduced the size of the update from 4.6 to 1.8 GB and increased the battery life of the iPhone by one hour. To extend the battery life of the iPhone is called a special power saving mode.

“Power saving mode” in iOS 9 is able to add 3 hours to the standard time using the iPhone. Move the appropriate toggle switch in the “On” position allows the operating system more economical to use the hardware capabilities of the smartphone by reducing network activity and processor power, rarely checked email, turned off background refresh programs, motion effects and animated Wallpaper, the screen is transferred to its off position for 5 seconds. The battery icon in the status bar becomes yellow and the right column shows the battery level in percent.

iOS 9 will activate the function by reducing the battery level to 20%. In this case the user is not asked whether to disable mode after fully charging: if you connect your iPhone to the power adapter, the OS will automatically turn off function when reaching 80% charge. In the notification center and the lock screen will display a notification. In other words, Apple does not encourage the use of “power saving Mode”: if the user wants to save the battery, he will have after each charge to re-enable this mode.

The developer of the new jailbreak tweaks LowPowerMode proposed a solution to the problem. Installing this extension allows you to keep power saving mode enabled all the time. Even if the iPhone charging gets to 100%, the function to save power will stay on.

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Note that in the power saving mode stop or slow down the following processes:

  • Download e-mail.
  • “Hey, Siri”.
  • The updating of content.
  • Startup.
  • Connection via Wi-Fi.
  • Some of the visual effects.

Practical experiments have shown that the “power saving Mode” iOS 9 iPhone reduces performance by 40%. If in normal operation the iPhone 6 Plus shows the performance level 1606 points in single-core mode and 2891 points – when using all cores. When you activate “power saving Mode” performance flagship drops to 1019 and 1751 points, respectively.

If you are not confused by all the restrictions, eco mode, you can use LowPowerMode. The tweak is absolutely free and is in the BigBoss repository.

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