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New tweak for iPhone automatically shows the flashlight button on the lock screen in low light

Flash useful new tweak for jailbroken devices, which analyzes the level of illumination in the room and activates in the right situations on the iPhone icon to quickly enable the flashlight. Tweak has developed in the framework of the contest Tweak Battles 2015 developers David Goldman and Andrew ABOs.

Flash has no options and requires no adjustments after installation. Being in a dark room, you’ll notice I’m on the iPhone a new button with zipper and one touch can turn on the LED illumination. The icon appears in the spot where you would normally find the app icons when using the function Continuity.

A simple tap on the icon includes led flash iPhone. You don’t need to drag your finger from the bottom up, as in the case of applications.

Because Flash is synchronized with the display function, which controls the level of light and depending on it adjusts the brightness of the screen, then in theory it should not affect the battery life of the smartphone.

The developers would do well to equip tweak the control panel to adjust the sensitivity for it to be activated only in the darkest places. Flash now prompts you to activate the flashlight too often.

Sometimes it seems that the jailbreak community there was a lull and something new coming up will be difficult. But such tweaks indicate the opposite: the jailbreak is alive and is ready to offer many useful add-ons for igadzhetov.

Flash is available for free from the BigBoss repo for Cydia. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, be sure to try this app.

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