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New Trojan miner for Mac turns your computer into a money printing press

Symantec experts reported about the spread of Mac malware is designed for mining cryptocurrency — mining. The malware called DevilRobber. It attacks computers running operating systems macOS.

Experts have published a report on the most notable threats and events of June 2017. One interesting observation was the sudden increase in popularity of mining malware for Mac. Trojan / worm uses the processing power of computers running macOS to generate electronic currency.

The virus uses the graphic potential of the video card (GPU) for generation of virtual units. Trojan generates money with the help of a network PC with installed Mac, rather than a single computer because it requires a lot of resources and time.

Symantec noticed that DevilRobber recently started to rapidly gain popularity. If in may 2017, the share of DevilRobber was only 2.4% in the June 2017 Trojan has demonstrated explosive growth and has gained 21.6 per cent, eventually finishing in second place in the ranking of the most common threats to Mac.

According to experts, the incident may be two explanations. Or the operators of “malware” were more likely to spread threats, or Mac owners are much more likely to find mining solutions and inadvertently installs a malicious version.

The Trojan uses the GPU for Bitcoin mining, and steals cryptocurrency wallets from the affected users. At the time the threat was as serious that Apple developers were forced to release an update aimed at combating the miners. The new version of the Trojan bottom not only Bitcoin, but Monero and Ethereum, because it is more profitable occupation.

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