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New Trojan for macOS causes computer to stop responding by opening multiple Windows Mail

Experts of antivirus company Kaspersky Labs has discovered a new malware for macOS, which lead to “denial of service” by creating multiple drafts in mail app Mail. In the result, the operating system slows down and the computer becomes impossible.

How figured out the experts, the malicious code utilizes a vulnerability in the browser Safari and the Mail app. It is enough to visit the website with the exploit on a computer with an old version of macOS, as the system began to open drafts of letters. When a large number of open Windows memory low and the Mac freezes. Another famous version of this malicious application opens the iTunes store, though for what purpose is still unknown.

The malware distributed in the spam email that poses as a letter of support. Letters come from two addresses: and The latest version of macOS 10.12.2 does not have problems with this malicious application.

Malwarebytes Labs compares the vulnerabilities with bug Google Chrome HTML two years ago on Windows, which has found application in November last year. Because of it, the browser hangs, when the victim tries to close the alert message on infected system. Next, the user is required to call the number on the screen number to solve.

Experts recommend not to click on links, do not open files from unknown senders and be updated to the latest version of the OS.

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