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New service of MTS and “MegaFon” will allow employers to monitor employees

New service of MTS and “MegaFon” will allow employers to determine the location of their personnel in all regions of the operators, according to a press release from the companies. Customers will also be able to connect to the service and personal numbers of employees.

According to the representative of “MegaFon”, the “control frames” will allow you to know where a particular subscriber, as with any specified interval and online. The new service may be of interest to transport and logistics companies, banks, courier services, and other companies conducting international cargo and passenger transportation, it is specified on the MTS site.

The employer will also be able to receive notifications, leave the employee of the enterprise, with the help of SMS or email messages. The service can be activated only with the consent of the subscriber, underlined in MTS. Monthly fee for the service “Mobile employees” MTS is 310 rubles per month when connecting more than 250 rooms. When connecting from one to five rooms to the service, the monthly fee will amount to 470 RUB.

Service “Control frames” from MegaFon allows to trace subscribers at specified intervals — every 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour online. The basic cost of “Control shots” is 2 rubles per day, it includes two location request of a subscriber. The cost of the request, not included in the monthly fee, up to 3 rubles, said the representative of the operator. MegaFon also offers the service of controlling the movement of a subscriber in a specific geographical area. Sending one SMS costs 50 kopecks.

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The service can be connected and personal numbers of employees, regardless of which model of phone the caller uses. Control over the movement of subscribers is possible by the given base station operators. Positioning is also available with GPS/GLONASS, when using mobile applications.

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