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New Samsung patents: handlebar with integrated display, smart wallet and Curling TV

As reported by Patently Mobile, Samsung has received several new patents from the U.S. patent office. The company patented the design concepts, ranging from car steering wheel with built-in screens, and ending with a scrollable display.

In contrast to patent applications, design patents don’t reveal any information about specific projects. From them it is impossible to understand what will be done or what they will function. All we get is a glimpse of how the future might look like.

Patent #1 – Car steering wheel with built-in displays

Last week, Samsung has received a patent for steering wheel design with three integrated displays. We can assume that they will be used for displaying various information about the car.

Patent #2 – Scrolling display

Samsung claims that the scroll display can be used as TV, monitor, gaming device, multimedia device, portable computer, camera, etc.

According to the patent, the display may be liquid crystal display (LCD), light-emitting diode (LED), organic LEDs (OLED), or electrophoresis.

Patent #3 Purse

Last month, Samsung received a patent for the development of “smart” wallet. At the moment there is no reliable information as to what features he will get. However, we can assume that the purse will be used as a payment method.

Patent #4 Foldable smartphone

In mid-September, Samsung has also patented two designs for foldable smartphones. In the first case, the smartphone is bent horizontally and the second vertically. It should be noted that the company has been developing flexible smartphone, but has not yet realized none of the projects. Earlier there were rumors, according to which the evolving smartphone will be presented next year.

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