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New Robot Koch video clip shot entirely on iPhone 6s Plus [video]

It had to happen: with the iPhone 6s Plus have shot a music video. At first glance, nothing unusual, because promotional videos and even short films already filmed the previous iPhone models. New work, in addition to the remarkable special effects, boasts beautiful shots underwater.

In fact, neither the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus are not waterproof, but it is said that this video was used with a 5.5-inch model of Apple’s flagship smartphone. The latest generation of iPhone has much better water resistance than previous models. Nevertheless about better water resistance. It is obvious that the creators of the video used the waterproof case.

The author of the clip “the Dark wave” is a Berliner now living in Los Angeles known as Robot Koch (Robot Koch). The video was released on YouTube on 18 December and received a very brief description: “Shot on an iPhone 6s Plus”.

Soon the video for the song from the album Hypermoment attracted the attention of the head of international marketing Apple, Phil Schiller, who wrote about this concise tweet – “Clip “the Dark waves” filmed on #iPhone6s”. He has put a link to the video clip of the musician.

Not so long ago in the program “60 Minutes” Apple representatives said that put a lot of effort to improve the world’s most popular camera. Over the iPhone camera employing 800 people.

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