New OnePlus smartphone surprised with disappearing cameras

The Chinese company OnePlus, as promised, brought its Concept One smartphone to the CES 2020 exhibition in Las Vegas. This is a modified version of the OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren with endangered cameras.

Creating a new concept, OnePlus was inspired by the McLaren 720S Spider supercar with an electrochromic glass roof. It was under such a 0.35 mm thick glass that the company hid a system of four Concept One main cameras.

New OnePlus smartphone surprised with disappearing cameras

New OnePlus smartphone surprised with disappearing cameras

By passing an electric current through the glass, the cameras on the rear panel can become almost invisible, merging together with a black insert, or appear if necessary. Switching between modes occurs in just 0.7 seconds.

New OnePlus smartphone surprised with disappearing cameras

Such glass hides the camera, this is its main advantage. In addition, when shooting in conditions of too bright lighting, by dimming the glass, you can get better pictures. Of course, until you try it yourself, it's hard to say how good this chip is in practice.

According to OnePlus, Concept One is the perfect combination of technology and art. The creation of the prototype took 18 months, but the device still needs numerous improvements. During the development process, the manufacturer faced various problems: from excessive power consumption to switching speed (initially the process of camera disappearance took more than five seconds).

Alas, OnePlus has no plans to launch the Concept One on the market. Most likely, he will remain a concept. But the head of OnePlus, Pete Lau, does not exclude that the company will offer its electrochromic glass to other smartphone manufacturers.

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