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New Moto 360 compared with the first generation of “smart” hours [photos]

It is known that Motorola should be required to release a sequel of a smart watch Moto 360. The model appears in two versions, differing in size: Moto and Moto 360S 360L.

Revelations Brazilian certification authorities have already allowed us to verify that the smart watch will vary in battery capacity: 270 mAh in a more compact version and 375 mAh larger. Existing watch Moto 360 in this sense fall into the middle of the range, as equipped with a battery capacity of 320 mAh.

The picture on the page of the resource HelloMotoHK in one of the social networks proved the existence of the wearable on the wrist gadget in comparison with the original Moto 360. As one can easily see Moto 360S significantly more compact than the original smart watch.

To judge the height of the housing, which spoils the proportions of the existing model of the Moto 360, these photos difficult. However, it can be concluded that on a narrow wrist is a smaller version of the new Motorola will look more harmonious.

Moto 360 will appear in catalogues Swedish online retailers. If the information is correct, the wearable product will go on sale on 8 September. The older version with a diameter of 46.5 mm will cost about $460, and a more compact model will cost $350.

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