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New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar called “the most buggy Apple computer”

“Very expensive”. That’s the thought that first comes to mind for most users who see the price tag MacBook Pro panel is Touch Bar. However, you are going to shop for a diamond cutter, when you need to open a jar of canned food, and don’t rent mine excavator to weed the patch. Each task is a suitable tool.

The feature of the related equipment in specialised media — journalists trying out the gadget in the first place on itself, and on this basis to draw conclusions about the success of a product.

That after the updates of 2015, the computer faces a complete change of design can be judged by a 12-inch ultraportable MacBook. But Apple went further than he could imagine anyone not admitted to the mysteries of development. Some of the ideas embodied in the new MacBook Pro, makes a bold and far-sighted, however, controversial and even outrageous in the eyes of conservative users.

In this part of new computer owners are faced with quite unusual features of the MacBook Pro are not ready to welcome even the lovers of Apple technology. Designer Brad Fros spoke about his experience using the machine. Although in General he was satisfied with the capabilities of a laptop, in particular a display, a trackpad and a Touch ID scanner, there have been some very unpleasant moments.

This Touchbar has been nothing but a pain in the ass for me. It’s just one more thing to blow up in my face.

— Brad Frost (@brad_frost) January 27, 2017

“This is the most buggy of all Apple computers – says the designer. I don’t know whether this is due to hardware, software or a combination of both. Now, as I write this, the sound doesn’t work on it. Dynamics is simply not displayed in the settings of the audio output. Great! Yesterday, when I went to visit my family and wanted to show mother MP4 video from vacation, QuickTime it was not able to reproduce. I downloaded VLC and then got to watch the video. Although in the lab and my computer just does not start. I just saw a black screen. The computer showed no signs of life (they refused the MagSafe cable, which was the charging). 15 minutes later he suddenly decided to join himself to it, I even touched you.”

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The most unpleasant change to the MacBook Pro Fros became a complete replacement of the standard connectors on the USB-C which serves simultaneously for connecting peripherals via buses Thunderbolt and USB image output and charging. From the point of view of speed and flexibility is a great solution. But until then, until USB-C will not be as common a standard as USB Type-A, HDMI, DisplayPort you have to use different adapters.

The designer had to add the adapters, external card reader, which has no place in a thinner laptop. The individual epitaphs deserved and magnetic power connector MagSafe. FRAS believes that the MacBook Pro 2016, ahead of its time, both in direct and partly in an ironic sense.

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