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New keyboard Apple for Mac users envy Windows

A key innovation in the MacBook pros was an added touch-a touch-screen located above the keyboard. Panel Touch Bar are various tools. The panel is fully customizable and its contents depends on the running application. Apparently, Apple has big plans for Touch Bar: the company intends to make the touchscreen outside of the MacBook Pro.

This week, the Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. published patent by Apple, which is using the touchpad with a desktop PC. The company’s specialists are considering the possibility of introducing Touch Bar in an external keyboard and trackpad, and use the device as a separate input element.

Display strip on the new Apple keyboard will display some useful information – icons, application shortcuts, buttons – and to provide different controls depending on the running application. Provides a fingerprint scanner and a key for quick access to Siri. This functionality of the keyboard unit will be available when connecting to Mac computers, Windows the panel Touch Bar will display the standard function keys.

As many developers on Mac have already upgraded their programs by adding support for the Touch Bar, it is logical to assume that Apple decided to provide an opportunity to take advantage of this technology to owners of iMacs, Mac Pro and Mac mini.

It is noteworthy that in the document, Apple describes the use of the Touch Bar in various applications, in particular in video games. According to the plan of the company, the mini-screen can display additional information such as the level of health or mana from a player character.

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When keyboard Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad with a Touch panel Bar information yet.

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