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New iPhones and smart watches can be without cellular communication in Russia

According to the portal “Economics today”, there is a risk that future iPhone models will not be able to work on the Russian market due to the use of technology eSIM. Currently, eSIM is banned in Russia because of the danger of illegal copying of SIM cards of the subscribers.

eSIM is a built-in subscriber identity module, replacing the usual SIM card. Protected chip with the data of the owner in this case is directly within the housing of the device.

Module eSIM is already installed on Apple Watch Series 3 and also on a smart-hour Samsung Gear (starting Gear S2). If you pay attention to the specifications of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, they stated the use of the familiar nanoSIM, so in the case of the Apple should only talk about future models.

However, one should not expect a rapid transition to this technology. According to Smart Insights forecasts that by 2020 will be sold from 346 million to 864 million smartphones that support the eSIM. Normal SIM card has not been canceled yet.

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