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New iPhone for 200 000 rubles was consecrated in the temple and blessed the Bishop

Caviar a Russian company has announced a new model of iPhone 7 from the collection of the Credo. The exclusive “Save and Protect”, the “our father” and “Source” came to the feast of the Passover. According to jewelers, the iPhone was consecrated in Gorodetsky Fedorovsky monastery and received the blessing of the Bishop of Gorodets and Vetluga Augustine.

Design model iPhone 7 “Save and Protect” is built around the image of a cross, inside of which is placed the figure of Jesus Christ revealed by Scripture. According to the designers, the gadget “pays tribute to this cultural phenomenon and embodies in his gracious way high idea of the triumph of faith.”

In its form the outlines of the cross are reminiscent of the onion domes (the same form is the altar in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior). On the phone caused the words of the prayer “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me a sinner”, at the bottom of the panel — “Save and Protect”.

The appearance models of the iPhone 7 Credo “our father” prayer the “our father”, interpretirovat the decoration of the rotunda in the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The purpose of the masters was the creation of a harmonious, significant, and however clear design, not overloaded with elements. Central to the design is a prayer itself, etched in gold and framed by a pattern.

In the model, the iPhone 7 Credo “Source” inspired by the icons, which had become widespread in Russia. Surround panels, bearing the image, is filled with real volumes, covered with gold of 999 tests, applied technology Double Electroplated.

New collection Caviar Credo features solid jewelry corps. Each edition is limited to limited edition of 99 copies.

The price of iPhone 7 from the collection of the Credo begins with 199 000. The device is offered with 128 GB of internal memory.

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