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New iOS 11 on the protection of personal data of users

Apple has improved the security of the application.

In iOS 11 Apple engineers developed the new mechanism of operation with storage of photos — “write-only” (write-only). This option allows you to give applications only the entry information instead of the full access.

This is not the most significant innovation, but it shows that Apple is gradually closing the personal information of users. Now, if the app needs to save the photo, it needs full access to the vault, which means access to all images and data associated with them.

A new principle can be compared with the special Department of the banking cell, through which You’ll make more money, but the cell opening is not necessary.

Users should not forget that this feature is good in that case, if the developer of the application that is installed on the phone, it considers it necessary. That’s why Apple recommends to carefully choose additional apps that are downloaded to the device.

In the new iOS 11 take control of yourself. Unlike iOS 10, in which you can choose only two options — allow the app access to my photos or not, the new operating system, the user will determine whether to grant full access or just the ability to record information.

Users dream that in the future will be to customize their devices completely at the sole discretion due to new security settings. While such opportunities have not, but the trends show that they may appear in future versions of iOS.

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