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New in iOS 9: the lost mode automatically enables the power saving feature of the iPhone

For situations where the user cannot find your iPhone and iPad, Apple has developed into lost mode, providing locking and tracking device. In iOS 9 feature has several new features: now this mode is automatically activated power saving function, which increases the battery life of gadgets.

Lost mode locks your iPhone with a password so no one could get access to personal data of the user. When the unit switches to the mode of loss: on its screen can display a custom message (for example, you can report the loss and provide their contact information); on the device alerts are not displayed and are not reproduced signals calls, messages, notifications and alarm; service, Find my iPhone attempts to suspend credit or debit card registered in Passbook for Apple Pay. After activating lost mode, you can monitor the current location of the device and its location on the map.

On devices with iOS 9 enable lost mode automatically puts the gadget to power saving mode. In this state, reduced device performance and network activity, checking email, background refresh program, motion effects, etc. the Technology is able to add three hours to standard time of the iPhone, which can be especially important in situations where the owner is trying to track the device.

To enable lost mode and lock the iPhone and iPad, you need to open the page “Find my iPhone” on the site Here you must click “All devices”, then choose the right gadget for tracking or lock and press the “lost Mode”. The service will prompt you to specify a password to lock the telephone number and the message text that will be displayed on the lock screen of the device.

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