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New in iOS 9.3: new links 3D Touch for standard applications

Despite the similar design, each new generation of smartphones from Apple is different catchy innovations: for iPhone 4s this innovation was Siri, for the iPhone 5s – the fingerprint scanner Touch ID for iPhone 6s 3D Touch technology.

With the addition of the touch sensitivity display and physical response traditional the touchpad received a huge opportunity. In most applications, with a strong depression caused by the sub context menu. Unfortunately, not all programs support this technology, like the standard “Settings”.

In the 9.3 update iOS the developers have added support for the 3D Touch gesture in many standard applications such as “Settings”, “Health”, “Action”, “Weather” and “Compass”.
Now with 3D Touch can easily find interesting stocks, view the weather and to open a medical card in the Health app.

In addition, Apple changed the link in the app Store and iTunes where you may quickly go to search, update all apps, go to purchase and enter promo code for a free download.

Another interesting feature of iOS 9.3 was night mode. Apple decided to add to the new version of OSes the option called Night Shift. As planned by the engineers, at night the color scheme of the operating system will change the colors to softer. In this case the device will switch to night mode automatically, getting data on the time of sunset at each location using the new geolocation feature.

New features are already included in the first beta of iOS 9.3, which is available to developers. The date of release of the final version of the OS until the company calls.

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