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New in iOS 11: animation of the lock screen changes depending on your Wallpaper

At WWDC 2017, Apple introduced a new operating system iOS 11. During the presentation there was a speech about the main innovations, but the first beta version of OS revealed some more new features.

One of these changes was a new animation when unlocking the device. In previous firmware iPhone and iPad display the same animation when turning the device on. During testing, the first beta version of iOS 11, it was discovered that the animation depends on the set on your home screen Wallpaper.

The brightest part of the Wallpaper is used as a starting point for animating the unlock appear first, beginning with the lightest part of the picture. Especially attractive is the animation looks, if on the home screen set Wallpaper with the image of a sunset. The rest of the display is slightly dimmed, creating a sense of depth.

New animation is a pretty minor change in iOS 11. Of course, it does not change the user’s life, but will be a pleasant addition to many other innovations.

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