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New Google Home screen may appear

On may 18 of last year, Google introduced Home device, similar to positioning in a “smart” sound system Amazon Echo.

The resource androidpolice found a few features of the new beta 7.14.15 Google. They hint at the existence of speakers with built-in display. Inside the app have been found links to YouTube and mentioning the words “video” and “browser”. The display can be used to view videos on YouTube or surfing the Internet. “Quartz” is the code name for the updated Home.

Currently, Amazon sells their own version of “smart” speakers called Echo Show. It features a 7-inch screen. In late September, Google has restricted access to their YouTube video for “smart” speaker with touch screen Echo Show from Amazon.

Home is a white cylinder with fitted-in his speakers, modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and a microphone for voice recognition. The device is in the mode of constant activity and may, at the request of the owner to report the latest news, weather and giving out various information from the network.

With the help of the Google Home you can control “smart home” — turn on or off lights or music in different rooms — book tickets to use the functions of a smartphone, and use the search on the Internet. The add screen will make the gadget even more useful.

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