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New game about the evil birds-Angry birds Evolution was released in Russian App Store

In the App Store released a new game in the universe Angry Birds. Evolution is a shareware arcade action game with strategy elements for mobile platforms. Gamers will need to shoot birds and knock down their different objectives, but with one caveat — on the ground, not in the air.

Angry Birds Evolution is another attempt of the company to gain a foothold in the genre Battler. mechanics — synthesis bowling and towns. There is a field where you placed in a certain order pigs. The player in possession of the birds, which he, like bird — balls, throws in the green pigs. The task is to bring the lives of all the pigs on the level to zero.

As in the classic Angry Birds, the number of issued attempts each bird is limited. Once launched, the bird remains on the field, as, for example, in Monster Strike remain chips, and back to the starting position. Each pig is lit the timer. If it reaches zero, the pig is attacking the player.

“Have fun with your team Angry Birds. Create a team of several birds, which possess their own features. Each of the birds has its own skills that you can evolve using new birds. For example you have one bird that you want to develop, using the other do not need birds, you will be able to improve skills and develop your favorite”.

For completing levels give eggs which hatch into a bird. Birds can be improved by spending on their development other birds.

Download Angry Birds Evolution for iPhone and iPad at this link.

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