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New emojis Apple with the image of women in hijab sparked fierce controversy on the Network

The international day of the Emoji Apple announced a set of new emojis that will appear in the operating systems iOS and macOS. Kit will be provided with such icons as a yogi, zombies, Zebra, the woman-Jean, sandwich, black Alpica and coconut. The announcement was the occasion for fierce disputes and resentment of users in the Network.

The fact that one of the new emoticons should be the image of a Muslim girl in a hijab – a traditional headdress conservative women who profess Islam. Hearing this Emoji many users began to accuse the Apple in the intention to please Muslims.

“Hijab – a symbol of oppression. Adding it as an Emoji, you shows support for the oppression of women”.

“And it will be the Emoji with the beheading?”


“Hijab? Now it’s really funny. I think soon we will see the Emoji with the explosive belt”.


“Not enough Emoji that shows what happens when a Muslim woman takes off her hijab”.

Featured by Apple icons included in the tenth edition of the Unicode and adapted for iOS devices. Just an extended table of symbols, adopted in late June, included 56 new icons of the language of visual communication.

A new image has announced Apple CEO Tim cook on his Twitter account. According to him, the emoticons will be available “later this year” — they incorporate into the operating systems iOS and macOS 11 High Sierra.

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